Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I disregard the weather!

Here is the third project in a month, I am seriously back.

A jacket I cannot wait to wear, come spring. This is another 'inspired by burdastyle', their version was a one button at the waist rig. I cannot wear a one button at the waist jacket, it gapes like a mofo. So, I made the closure go all the way up the front on a curve. It's good. 

The body is beautiful wool sateen, which I didn't know existed until I pulled this fabric out from the bottom of a drawer. Chris used it to make a jacket a few years ago and gave me the extra yardage, what a dreamboat. 

See Otis in the corner having his morning milk?

The fronts are made of dupioni that I marbled a few years back, this fabric was my only really successful marbling project and I love it. I am very happy to have used some of it at last. The rest of the jacket is pretty basic, it has a waist seam and functioning sleeve vents (just 'cause). I wanted a black jacket that wasn't too stylized. I have one that is based on an advertisement from 1937 and while it is awesome, I feel like I must wear lipstick, and jewelry, and high heels, and a matching handbag to do it justice. 

I can wear this jacket with jeans, and men's shoes, and a borderline hairdo, and that is more my style.

Another party dress... all I need is a party!

See! More sewing, I am so pleased to be making clothes again. I can have whatever I want that way, and things I make will last for years, and they will fit my chest without the need for safety pins! Thrilling, really.

I made this dress because a friend I barely know said she might have a Valentine's Day party. So ... duh, I absolutely had to make a new dress. The main fabric is flocked linen from an amazing linen store in New York, I don't remember the name of the store but all they sell is linen. Anyway, it has been hanging around for five years and it is super gorgeous and dreamy to work with. The cummerbund (that's what I was kind of going for) is shantung from god knows where, I have had it for years.

 I lined the whole thing in cotton batiste,  hand picked the zipper, and hand stitched the silk binding on the neck and sleeve hems. Yes, I know the pattern isn't perfect at the center back. I just kept going and decided not to worry about it too much. I tucked the silk on the front, which isn't so apparent here but in person it looks sweet. The sleeves are darted at the cap, a 30's-40's thing which I love, you can't go wrong with a nice square shoulder.

All I can say is that I hope my new friend has her party!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Eric the steampunk pickle and bargello v.2.o

This is Eric! The finest cat in  the land. We installed a cat door before going away for a week in September, when we got home this little guy was sleeping on the couch! He was a skinny kitten and a snuggle machine of the first degree!

He is a bigger kitten now and he really is a delight. We don't  know where he came from but he fits in real nice with the other cats.... three other cats. Which brings us to three cats and one kitten (Gareth's distinction, when I became overwrought at the reality of having four cats). He was totally right... kittens are super awesome, and he regularly strikes poses like the one below! I am powerless to resist his charms.

Below I present you with bargello round two. The first one I made was for our front door, it was a bit of a cock up, if I am honest. This time I read and followed the general rules for making a bargello quilt that doesn't look like a 'fuk de cluster', as the French say. 

Here is is basted together in anticipation of being hand quilted (almost done now), and adorned by the ever photogenic Chloe (stray cat #3... if you're counting). 

Seeing it in pictures it looks a bit like Easter mayhem, maybe it looks like that in person too. Whatevs, it is pretty!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Wood works

I have diverged. My new favourite thing is digging, particularly edging garden beds. It would appear that edging is the closest thing to instant gratification that gardening has. Not that I have done the edge of the garden bed in this photo... can't show everything at once! I need to maintain material for my quarterly blog posts.

The real story is about how I spent four hours digging crab grass out of this bed. I ignored it last year because I had just moved in and I had problems above and beyond crab grass. This year I decided to care about the front yard. We had a nice tree planted, I dug crab grass for hours, I bought two clematisis(?) clemati(?), and I built the fabulous trellis you see before you. We had a bunch of cedar boards, because Gareth hoards discarded logs and mows them in to boards in his spare time. Weird but awesome, I mean, we have lumber!

If you stand back 10' this thing looks good, and considering I haven't done a woodworking project since I was 15, it IS good! All the trellises I found to purchase were stapled together, so I nail gunned this one like crazy. It was an awesome afternoon on the deck with a nail gun, a glass of wine, and a band saw.

This picture is over a month old, the clems are climbing like crazy now and I have a bunch of other things planted that will soon hide that eyesore of a gas meter. We'll see what comes next, right now I have the unenviable and unphotogenic task of pulling up grass for a vegetable bed.

 On another note, Chloe says Hi!

Monday, January 21, 2013

New Items

So it turns out that I'm off quilting and sewing in general. I need a new hobby, I think it will involve wood. We have a small shop with tools in it, I want to use them!

So in the time I'm not working I have been sprucing the house up. See, the house was in a rather pitiful state in terms of d├ęcor  All the windows and doors were/are the colour of a dirty band aid...not good enough. One bedroom was the colour of dirty pepto bismol and the other had two different (not complimentary, obvs.) wallpapers and some sweet ass stencil action, and the was just an absolute travesty. I can't talk about it!

In between fixing these horrors I made this curtain for our front door. It's pretty jazzy and all the young girls in the neighbourhood are rather taken with it!  FYI quilters, it is possible to go off the rails with a bargello design. I should have done what the internet told me and only used 12 or 15 different fabrics. I used many more than that so the fabrics don't repeat and the whole thing is verging on mania... how like life!

Have I mentioned that the house is pink? The curtain makes it look like we love our pink house and are trying to compliment it, which is the case. It is a nice pink, more South of France than pepto bismol. I call the house 'austere Mediterranean', it suits the Canadian environment while being kinda flamboyant. Perfect.

Yeah so the curtain is cool, I also reupholstered a bench we made a while back. It is in this picture, sorry no close up but I won't bother to go in to the amount of cat hair that accumulates on this thing over the course of five minutes. It's tufted with little white pearl buttons and the fabric is cotton velvet, having it around makes me feel classier than usual... in spite of the cat hair! Don't mind the pile of god-knows-what on the chair, that kind of shit just happens sometimes and it isn't classy. Bruce looks gorgeous as usual, I painted the door black to compliment his colouring. Yes, the living room really is that colour!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas quilt

This is the latest! Last year my mum expressed interest in quilts after she saw the first one I made for myself. I visited my parents during labour day weekend and told them I would make them a quilt for christmas, they were into it. My mum and I chose fabric and pattern that weekend and I went to work when I got home. I brought the pieced top home at christmas for them to see and took it home again to put the borders on and finish up.

Well, I am pleased to say that it is done and on their bed in time for christmas this year! It`s a huge thing, because my dad hates bed skirts and my mum hates looking at a box spring (... fair on both counts). I made it big enough to cover the box spring, then they got a new bed and it seems they have to use the quilt sideways because it is too long to stuff down the footboard. 

That`s okay, it looks grand that way. I will make my next quilt very wide, makes sense that way really. Both peeps in the bed can have lots of covers, especially important is one peep grabs the blankets and rolls like a bloody tumbleweed!

So, there it is. Most of the fabric is from, but there are occasional bits of shirts I have made in the past and others purloined from Chris`s sewing room. Sue from Quilted Dreams in Huntsville did the machine quilting (I will request a close up) and she did a lovely job, as usual.
I am very happy to see it on their bed after more than a year in progress.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm here

truely, I am. Just not a whole lot of sewing news. I have been busy waging war on garden pests whilst finding time to  smile at my new house with self satisfied glee.

I finally hung the last quilt and it looks amazing because I have the most beautiful living room on the planet, painted an outrageous shade of blue by some colour mad Cape Bretoners.

I also have the most beautiful garden on the planet ( I am talking potential here, not actuality) where there is food growing...too cool!

so maybe once I get bored of self satisfied glee I will sew something, it might be a while but I will keep you notified.