Friday, March 11, 2011

Quilt is done!

I got my quilt back last week from the machine quilter and I am in love with it! I know it is hard to see the quilting, it is a kind of random wavy pattern. Nothing crazy... how could it hope to compete with the riot of colour below?

i can't seem to get the colours to look quite right in photos. You have to trust me that it is amazing... ok? I spent ten minutes (yeah, I give up easily!) trying to get a photo of the quilt without cats all over it. I didn't really get there, but is Bruce not a bright and beautiful pussy cat? Look at those tidy toes! He always has carefully organized feet, I envy that about him.

Does anyone else envy their cat? Did I mention his super shiny furs?


neil robinson said...

the binding definitely is better than the dots

Lynn said...


so beautiful.

So dang beautiful.



neil robinson said...

i didn't see the second picture. what a beautiful boy

Meghan Chapman said...

he is niceee!

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

HEY! post something else woman. liiiiiike... a picture of chloe! i am missing your updates!